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“SMITH Clay Court Conditioners return a Har-Tru or Clay Court surface to its proper texture, hardness, and playability condition.”

– Ryan Gaston, Ojai Athletic Club


Whether your courts are maintained by professional contractors or an in-house staff, the SMITH C3 Conditioners are the next generation and ONLY long-term solution that allows you to create and maintain the most desirable clay court surface condition on your terms . . . daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The SMITH C3, in one machine, gives you the flexibility to achieve different desired results, based on your court conditions. Simply evaluate your surface condition to determine if a light (0-1/8”), medium (1/8”-1/4”) or heavy (1/4”-1/2”) profile depth is desired. Then, set the depth-of-cut and walk the machine over the surface to turn hard-packed clay to either (1) a light powdery soft condition, (2) a loose-top dressing material, or (3) anything in between, in minutes.

For more information about the SMITH C3 conditioner, please contact Marv Kohlman at 805-550-0149.

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